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The Legend of Hilda: Her Wish, Chapter 17
For once, the barracks were silent. Despite the absence of other knights it was far from tranquil. There wasn't any semblance of organization, let alone cleanliness. It wouldn't be difficult to find crumbs on any given surface. Worst of all, the place reeked of unwashed bodies. Ravio closed his eyes, trying to fall back to sleep. He wasn't tired, but he wished he was. Sleep would have been an escape. The Captain would surely make a quip about loitering, or worse, sleeping in the middle of the day, especially during an assembly. Ravio was ambivalent to the imagined criticism from the Captain. He felt far worse about other things.
The conversation with Hilda kept repeating in his head. But as bad as he felt, he wouldn't do anything different. He was the only one who hadn't gone to the assembly. How could he? He wasn't like the other knights. He wasn't one to entertain rumors, especially given the personal nature of his relationship to the princess. Nor was he going to stand by and watch
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The Legend of Hilda: Her Wish, Chapter 16
The torches that lined the hall cast an eerie glow over the men standing outside the sleeping princess's chambers. The princess's attendant eyed the younger man with hatred, seeing the same emotion in the hero's icy emerald stare. The hero of Lorule wore a bulky gold bracelet around his wrist – the same one that had gone missing from the treasury. Yuga's suspicions were confirmed.
"So you do have the bracelet... and you're wearing it to protect yourself from me. Still a coward, and now a thief. Did your bird steal that for you?" Yuga clicked his tongue. "Every day we move further from Din's light."
"I thought she was finally beginning to see reason when she allowed me to keep this bracelet. But instead of following my advice, she's risking her reputation, even her own kingdom for a useless bastard like you. I know she's going to write that speech of apology on your behalf. She must think I'm so gullible," Ravio sighed, disdain absent from his tone as he spoke those final words.
:icongerudo-spirit:Gerudo-Spirit 3 1
The Legend of Hilda: Her Wish, Chapter 15
"I don't think I'll be getting much work done today," Hilda giggled.
Yuga didn't have to ask why. Every few minutes, a servant would pass the princess's study and cast a sidelong glance at the two inside. Their expressions ranged from disapproval to curiosity. The situation was getting so out of hand, Yuga wondered if one of them would pass by with a picto box any moment.
"I could close the door," Yuga offered, a smirk forming on his face.
"Oh goddesses, that will only make it worse!" Hilda gave a nervous laugh, and then turned her attention back to the speech she was trying to write. Yuga could tell that his presence along with the nosy servants passing by was making it difficult for her. But she didn't seem frustrated in the least. Perhaps it was a fleeting moment of levity between.
He had lost her trust only to gain her unwavering attention. She was still being cryptic with him in regards to a Lorule without beauty. He pressed her for what he'd done to deserve her mistrust, only for
:icongerudo-spirit:Gerudo-Spirit 5 2
The Legend of Hilda: Her Wish Chapter 14
The air in Misery Mire had grown unusually cool that night. The celebration ended and the sorceresses retreated into their huts, all except Fayre, who stayed out to watch the stars. She was enjoying the last bit of warmth the bonfire offered when she received unexpected company. She soon had a bad feeling about her two visitors. The twin hags must have been centuries old. Although appearing frail and withered, Fayre sensed that nothing could be further from the truth about these women. They immediately made their intentions clear with little introduction.
"That mark..." The old crone's voice melded with the crackle of the fire. "He is the demon king reborn. You will hand him over to us, yes?"
Fayre gripped the bundle in her arms tighter, wrapping her lithe fingers around the newborn's tiny hand to hide the mysterious golden triangle. How could she have known so little about what evil dwelled right in her tiny village of women? She contemplated what she'd say. Her mouth began to form
:icongerudo-spirit:Gerudo-Spirit 6 4
The Legend of Hilda: Her Wish, Chapter 13
A hush had fallen over the foyer after the princess's call to the sorcerer. As he turned to her, his eyes betrayed his arrogant manner. The knight behind him clutched the hilt of his sword, a look of resolve on his face. The princess realized her mistake, red eyes going wide in horror.
"Yu-" She breathed. She rushed forward on legs that had become hopelessly stiff, as if her heart had stopped beating and all blood ceased to flow. Her irises constricted, eclipsing all but a sliver of crimson for the briefest moment. And then she was seized by a memory.
In the midst of an ancient battle between a mortal and the demon king, a goddess slept within a crystal, dreaming. Long ago the golden three had told her that an incorruptible youth would defeat a great evil, and protect the Triforce. Waiting for that inevitable day when evil would arise, Lorelle expected to feel nothing but fear and contempt. When the demon king finally appeared to her she was left speechless. Knowing his fate became
:icongerudo-spirit:Gerudo-Spirit 6 0
The Legend of Hilda: Her Wish, Chapter 12
Ravio inclined his head against the door, straining to make out the muffled conversation on the other side. A lump had formed in his throat, but he didn't dare swallow for fear of making even the tiniest sound.
He'd caught a glimpse of the princess and decided to follow her. She entered Yuga's chambers with a music box in her hands. The whole situation had sent off alarm bells inside the young knight's head. What was the princess doing? Eavesdropping on her made him feel guilty, but he had no qualms about Yuga's privacy.
There were several reasons he disliked Yuga, but Ravio couldn't shake the feeling that there was more to it than Yuga's many character flaws or off-putting appearance.
On the other side, he heard Hilda speaking to Yuga. It seemed as though she tried to maintain an authoritative tone, but the longer she spoke the more her voice shuddered. "I want you to leave my kingdom and never return... Leave. Before I am forced to do something I don't want to do."
Ravio couldn't bel
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The Legend of Hilda: Her Wish, Chapter 11
Hilda felt as though her heart had stopped beating. She kept her head inclined against his neck as her mind began to put the pieces together.
Eras... Different lifetimes... Is it true?
But now that I think about it...
Hilda, the matriarch of the Royal Family keeping the sorcerer's staff and bracelet after his defeat.
Thousands of years later, finding a portrait of herself in a darkened room, and hiding it under her bed, too ashamed to tell anyone of her discovery or why she'd keep such a thing.

"There is a reason I cherished that story, and the reason is... I was her... N-no.."
"We aren't. We can't be... You're lying!"
"But we are."
She was still reeling after his confession.
I love you too much to walk away.
Those words were never spoken to her before. She hadn't even expected to hear such a declaration from a future suitor. In the Lorule she knew, people did not express their emotions so openly - at least not the positive ones. Such words were a luxury, and it
:icongerudo-spirit:Gerudo-Spirit 5 2
The Legend of Hilda: Her Wish, Chapter 10
The vision rippled like water when touched. Three figures watched as the dark princess and red-headed sorcerer embraced. The one closest to the vision, a statuesque woman with long white braids and a prominent nose withdrew her hand, smiling softly. For the briefest moment she felt joy, despite the sneers of the two diminutive hags behind her.
"How touching. Don't cry, Fayre," one of the witches, Koume mocked.
Fayre had never seen the princess express emotion so raw, but it was the sorcerer that commanded most of her attention. He wore fine clothes of cotton and silk – as if he were royalty as well. It was a sharp contrast to the threadbare fabric that made up her clothing, and her jewelry made of wood and beads. His privileged life was bittersweet to her. The visions offered a small window into his life. He had arrived at the castle as a child, taken in by an elderly attendant to the queen. Fayre had envied that woman at first. He was then put to work, helping the old attendant
:icongerudo-spirit:Gerudo-Spirit 5 6
The Legend of Hilda: Her Wish, Chapter 9
She's a child, running along a dusty path outside Lorule castle. Grass that has turned a sickly brown crunches under her feet. Despite her drab surroundings, the princess isn't disappointed or unsettled. This is a unique experience. Her late attendant never let her outside the castle walls. The old woman had told her that Lorule was 'too harsh, too cruel to lay eyes on'.
Hilda can see what she meant. Although there are no monsters in sight, it is easy to imagine them here. The sky is gray and the wind howls against the hollows of the chasms surrounding her castle. The only sign of life is a few crudely built cottages in the distance.
She looks over her shoulder at the protegee of her former attendant. He is a boy just eight years older than her, perhaps old enough to be referred to as a young man. The other servants had frowned upon the arrangement. The young princess was vaguely aware of their disapproval, although she didn't understand why. Their opinions hardly mattered, since ma
:icongerudo-spirit:Gerudo-Spirit 5 6
The Legend of Hilda: Her Wish, Chapter 8
Ever since they were young, Her Highness had encouraged him toward the role of the hero. It was because he bore that mark – the mark of the Triforce of Reason. Many of Lorule's legendary heroes were linked to the virtue of Reason in some way or another. Hilda took great pride in those old tales, often pointing out his similarities when she read aloud to him. Although lacking in courage at times, the heroes were said to be youths with wisdom beyond their years. Their sense of good and evil was unparalleled. He went along with it, although he'd never been completely convinced he was cut out to be the hero. And while he didn't begrudge the mark on his hand, he'd always wished that peace in Lorule would go on forever. The hardships those heroes must have faced was unfathomable to him. Most of all, he didn't want to fight. He hated confrontation.
Ravio was reflecting on these things even as he made his way to Hilda's study. He was in good spirits, despite his concerns. Getting a brief
:icongerudo-spirit:Gerudo-Spirit 4 1
The Legend of Hilda: Her Wish, Chapter 7
The sun was beginning its descent over the fields of Lorule, sending streaks of dark orchid and amber across the sky. It wasn't so different from sunsets Princess Hilda had seen before. She used to look out of the castle's windows, feeling the rot and decay of her kingdom sink into her. It was the time of day when the wind pummeled relentlessly against anything in its path, whistling against her windows. Bare, leafless trees swayed violently enough for their thin branches to snap. Yuga used to tell her that she was much like that fading light - beautiful and mysterious. He seemed to admire those vivid colors most of all. She'd resigned herself to the comparison eventually.
She listened for the wind now, but she could not hear it as she used to. Hilda turned from the tall window behind her desk, and sat down to read a passage from a book she found earlier. The book had caught her attention, for it looked very familiar to her. Going through its pages, her suspicions were confirmed. It wa
:icongerudo-spirit:Gerudo-Spirit 5 2
The Legend of Hilda: Her Wish, Chapter 6
Yuga glared down at the purple clad knight with contempt. At first, Ravio could have been described as meek, but over his years of training, he was no longer intimidated as easily. Yuga sorely resented that. The boy had become a nuisance of the worst kind, an eyesore to be sure. Yuga could scarcely bring himself to look at him. He always had a dopey look on his face. But the most irritating thing about Ravio was that he was always trying to sell everyone overpriced junk. Not that Yuga was concerned about money. With his staff, he could make just about anything materialize on walls, even rupees. Ravio, of course, knew this and wanted to turn a profit off Yuga's unique ability.
Today, however, Ravio wasn't trying to sell him anything. It was worse. He was asking about Hilda of all people. Yuga gave an exasperated sigh, his patience already dwindling.
"You're spoiling my day already, boy. Don't you have some meaningless task to perform?" Yuga asked, already feeling the sting of irony behi
:icongerudo-spirit:Gerudo-Spirit 5 5


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I started this DA account to host my first fanfiction. The feedback I receive on DA is often times greater than what I would get on or tumblr. I write what I am passionate about. I ship some very rare pairings and there's not nearly enough art and fanfiction out there for them, so please don't judge me too harshly. ^_^;

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